Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The meaning behind the blog

Hello everyone

I wanted to start off my first blog post explaining why I chose the name 'achieve aspire accept'.
In my opinion, choosing the name, the layout, and all the little details are much harder than actually writing the blogposts… especially for indecisive people like myself.
However, after reading all of my favorite blogs everyday and contemplating on whether or not I would have a place in this community as well… I decided to do it.

I am not much of a talker, so a great deal of my beliefs and 'aspirations' as you would call it get left in my head and manifest themselves into extremely long and loud thoughts that are whizzing around at light speed. That can be problematic when you do want to share your opinions but don't really know how.


Why did I choose this title?
Starting with ASPIRE
What does it mean to aspire? It's kind of like setting a goal isn't it? Life can seem meaningless without aspirations. What is it you actually want to accomplish? It does not have to be a major accomplishment such as curing cancer or establishing world peace, it can be as simple as finishing a book or being kind to others. Most of us have something we aspire to do. And these goals, whether big or small, help us learn how to manage our way through obstacles in life and become stronger and better people.
We should constantly be challenging ourselves, and aspiring to improve mentally, physically, and emotionally. I never want to be in a state of limbo where I do not have a purpose for myself. Life is short, and you should never let the things you truly love and want to accomplish slip out of your hands.

Which brings me to the next word…
What does it mean to achieve something? What purpose does that 'something' have?

After we lay out our goals or expectations, there is usually an expectation that we actually set out and achieve these goals. And as well all know, achieving something feels gooooooood. From getting up at a certain time, running a new mile time, baking something tasty, getting a good grade on a difficult subject… we are constantly achieving things, whether it is by our standards or some one else's. However it is much more meaningful when we do it with the goal in mind. Although the action of achieving a goal seems to be the moment of epiphany, it is the journey itself that really tests our patience and provides us with the valuable experience. Those months you spent studying for the challenging test? The weeks you spent training for this race? The days you experiences bonding with your friends and creating new relationships? How do those events compare to the big 'pay-off' at the end, whether it be getting an A, winning first place, or being able to call someone your 'best friend'.

Achievements really help us see how far we have come, and they really provide markers for how we have improved.

Which brings me to the last word…

Geez isn't acceptance the easiest thing in the world? Although we should be challenging ourselves and striving for progress not many can really say they 'accept' what they have (or haven't) accomplished so far. Aspiring to achieve something does not mean you have to carry it our perfectly. There comes a time where you need to accept all the handwork and effort you have put into yourself. No one will ever be able to plan and carry out everything they set out to do to perfection.
It takes a lot more charisma and courage to say I accept where these aspirations and achievements have gotten me so far than to say I am still not enough.
Difficult is an understatement when it comes to acceptance, but once you learn to think 'I tried my hardest and this is the outcome. I am okay with it' life will just seem so much easier. Doing a good job should never be 'perfection' but progress.

Thats why these three words, aspire, achieve, and accept really influenced me to start writing, and to not worry about not being good enough. I am who I am today, and I am content with that.

Thank you for reading